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Plovdiv is the oldest still living city in Europe continuously inhabited since 6000 years BC. Famous historical monuments include the Roman Stadium, the Ancient Theatre, the charming Old Town and more. Plovdiv is a spectacular city combining millennia of history, unique laid back atmosphere and natural beauties including the picturesque six hills, the peaceful Maritsa River and the mystical Rhodope Mountains nearby. With all this above it's not by accident that most Bulgarians and foreign visitors consider the city as the most beautiful in the country. In 2019 Plovdiv will be the first Bulgarian city chosen to become European capital of culture. Situated in Central Bulgaria Plovdiv is also an ideal destination for a centre based holiday to discover the other landmarks of the country as well. If you are fortunate to spend some of your holiday in Plovdiv and you are planning to see the area or the country we would be pleased to assist you with your choice and to offer you a list of guided one day trips, private tours and transfers that we organize from Plovdiv. If you would like a different customized tour, please don't hesitate to contact us as well. We will design a trip according to your special wishes.

Visit the remarkable remains of King Asen's Fortress and church from 13-th century, located on a picturesque hill in the Rhodope Mountains. Explore the Bachkovo Monastery, the second largest in Bulgaria, founded in 1083. Optional easy walk in the nearby Red Wall nature reserve. See more 

Walk around the 45 m high rock bridges named the Wonderful Bridges, situated at 1450 m. a. s. l. in the heart of the mystical Rhodope Mountains. On the way visit the impressive Asen's Fortr


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belonging to a Thracian ruler. Visit the peaceful spa resort town Hisarya, famous for its hot mineral springs, significant Roman remains, green parks and swimming pools. See more 

Travel through the notorious Rose Valley where the best rose oil in the world is being produced. In the Valley of the Thracian Kings, visit the Golyama Kosmatka tomb and the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site – the Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak, both from 4-5 century B.C.

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Walk along the narrow cobbled streets of Koprivshtitsa - a charming historic town, one of the main centres of the heroic April Uprising against the Turks in 1876. Koprivshtitsa is also known for its authentic architecture from the Bulgarian National Revival period of the 19-th century. See more 
Explore the picturesque Veliko Turnovo, the capital of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom, boasting of many historical monuments including the imposing medieval fortress Tsarevets and the nearby Arbanassi - one of Bulgaria's most remarkable historic villages. See more 
Discover the capital and largest city of Bulgaria - Sofia. Popular tourist landmarks are the gold-domed Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the early Byzantine Church of St. Sophia, Ivan Vazov National Theatre, the Russian church, the late Roman Church of St. George, etc. See more 
Nestled in the imposing Rila Mountains Rila Monastery is the most famous landmark in the country, a spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Site. "The Holy Rila Retreat" founded in 10-th century is also the largest Bulgarian monastery and most visited tourist site in the country. See more 
Located above 2000 m. a. s. l. in the Rila Mountains National Park, The Seven Rila Lakes circus is the most popular trekking destination in Bulgaria revealing the outstanding natural beauty of the landscape and the gorgeous glacial lakes all around. See more 
Conquer the highest peak in Bulgaria and on the entire Balkan Peninsula – the mighty Musala Peak located at 2925 m. a. s. l. Walk along this famous hiking route situated within the boundaries of the outstanding national park "Rila" - largest in Bulgaria. See more 
Plovdiv is the oldest still living city in Europe inhabited since 6000 years B. C. Famous historical monuments include the Roman Stadium, the Ancient Theatre, the charming Old Town with many National Revival period houses, the Djumaia mosque etc. See more 
Go for a relaxing walk in the largest Bulgarian spa resort – Velingrad. The mountainous town is also nicknamed the spa capital of the Balkans with its 80 mineral springs. Discover the medieval fortress Tsepina and the nearby Paleontological museum.  See more 

Tempting wine tasting journey to one of the most modern wineries in Bulgaria situated at the foothills of the Rhodope Mountains. At Villa Yustina wine experts combine millennia experience with the latest wine producing technologies to create excellent award winning wines.

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More than 7000 years ago at Belintash housed the largest sanctuary of the Thracian god Sabazios - the sky father god. Subject of many myths, legends and researches this mysterious rock plateau in the ancient Rhodope Mountains still keeps many intriguing secrets.

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